Get Documents Validated for International Use

An apostille service is a form of document authentication used to validate and certify documents for international use. Apostille services are usually provided by a government agency, such as a state department of state, and they provide an authentication of the signature and seal of the official who has signed the document. This authentication process is required for documents to be recognized in countries that have signed the Hague Convention of 1961.

About Apostille Agents

As Apostille Agents we are certified and qualified to act on behalf of individuals and/or companies in obtaining the required government or embassy legalization(s) for documents originating in the United States that are destined to be presented in foreign countries. As Certified Apostille Agents we operate in the same manner as a Notary Public in that we are an independent business, not a government employee. Many foreign countries will not accept or process a document from another country, especially a legal one unless it bears the Legalization of the Apostille or other specified Authentications. Our Apostille services based in Oklahoma consist of agents that are ready to assist you regardless of the state you are located in. Our agents are well trained and certified to assist you in the necessary legalization and certification processes required for the complexity of handling varying documents to be accepted by varying foreign countries without further process.

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